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Englisch  — Russisch Muttersprache

Verträge und Berichte Dokumente und Zertifikate Korrespondenz Bauwesen Gewerbe Energie Elektrotechnik und Elektronik

Persönliche Daten

Ukraine, 21:46
18 Jahre 5 Monate
Über mich
Since I learned English all by myself and completed my first order in the early 2000s when I didn't even have a computer, I have gained vast experience working in the translation industry and specializing in engineering. While working on many projects as a salaried and free-lance translator, I have had to do with high complexity texts. But in all cases, I have done all my best, hard though it might have been for me, to provide the best possible q...


Donetsk National Technical University

  • 1997
  • Ukraine
  • Fachkraft
  • Underground mining


Freelance Translator for English-Russian, Russian-English, Ukrainian-English, English-Ukrainian in no company
von 2010 bis Aktuell
Have been cooperating with translation agencies focused on foreign customers and been performing orders for established long-term customers as well. Among the large projects I have worked on are: a) Functional Specification for BOG Compressor Package installed for ARCTIC LNG2 Project - editing of a nearly 9,000-word translation; b) Vestas Wind Systems A/S SST PWI Apply Preforms - a 13,415-word translation about wind turbine blades; and many others.
Foreign economic activities assistant manager/translator in Milkor Trading Corporation
von 2009 bis 2010
Handled e-mail; did business translations of ongoing correspondence; composed, translated and emailed Full Corporate Offers (FCOs) and Letters of Intent (LOIs); translated foreign economic contracts, Performance Bonds (PBs), Letters of the Readiness to Issue L/C (LORs); performed orders; and interpreted consecutively (via Skype, phone, at meetings, when accompanying General Manager Mr. Madzhurov, Alexey R.)
Statistician in UDEC Group Co., Ltd.
von 2007 bis 2009
- Collection of data by phone and email; composing, in Russian and English, Daily Progress Reports on Electrical Installation Works by Power Connection Teams for the “Astelit” company [previously known as mobile operator Life:)]; - Transferring to the new bilingual report form, a more perfect one, with the old reports for the period of July to December 2007 completely redone.
Salaried English-Russian/Russian-English Translator (full time employment) in RIZ Co., Ltd.
von 2005 bis 2006
- Established contacts and conducted daily business correspondence with foreign companies producing: CNC metal-cutting (wire-cut, milling, turning, planing, drilling, screw-cutting, etc.) machines; plate bending machines, guillotines; sandwich panel and aluminium composite panel production lines, etc.; - Communicated with English-speaking customers over the phone; - Translated foreign economic contracts, equipment operating manuals, spec sheets, drawings, catalogues, letters, etc.


Top Loading Arm Operating Manual

  • 2018

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Dokuments Top Loading Arm Operating Manual

Translation of a publication by the Dignity Danish Institute Against Torture

  • 2017

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Dokuments Translation of a publication by the Dignity Danish Institute Against Torture