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Anna Grimaldi

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Englisch  — Italienisch Muttersprache

Tourismus und Reisen Software Handbücher Allgemeines Bildungswesen ERP IT und Telekommunikation


Deutsch  — Italienisch Muttersprache

ERP Energie Allgemeines IT und Telekommunikation Handbücher Produkte und Kataloge Software


Französisch  — Italienisch Muttersprache

Bildungswesen Energie Allgemeines IT und Telekommunikation Rechtswesen Biowissenschaften Handbücher

Ähnliche Leistungen

Englisch  — Italienisch Muttersprache

Ähnliche Leistungen

Deutsch  — Italienisch Muttersprache

Persönliche Daten

Italien, Torino, 12:23
20 Jahre 2 Monate
Über mich
I’ve been providing professional translation and revision services since 2001. After graduating in Translation I moved to Luxembourg where I found employment in different international companies and worked among others as a translator of EU texts from English, German and French into Italian. I then moved back to Italy where I continued translating on a freelance basis, in particular in the following fields: EU affairs and policies for the EU Comm...


Bologna University - Scuola Superiore di Lingue Moderne per Interpreti e Traduttori

  • 1999
  • Italien
  • Fachkraft
  • Translation (English and German)


Subtitler in SwissTxt AG
von 2020 bis Aktuell
Translation and editing of subtitles from German into Italian for Swiss TV programs
Freelance translator in European Commission
von 2004 bis Aktuell
Freelance Translator and proofreader for the European Commission. Translation of general and administrative texts (European Union affairs, policies and legislation) from English and French into Italian. Work programs, reports, workshop summaries, magazine articles, minutes, draft agendas and agendas, calls for proposals, calls for tenders, website content, comparative analyses, press releases, surveys, brochures, seminar reports, speeches, guides.
Freelance Translator in Translation Centre for the bodies of the EU
von 2006 bis 2017
Translation of texts for several EU bodies from English into Italian. Work programs, reports, articles, calls for tenders, website content, brochures, etc.
Software Localizer in Wordflow Translation and Localization
von 2004 bis 2014
SAP software localization from German and English into Italian (technical documentation, interfaces, terminology, marketing). In-house freelance collaboration (8 months) and 10 years remote collaboration.
Freelance Translator in Intrasoft International
von 2008 bis 2013
Translation and revision from English and French into Italian for the SCADPlus project (information portal maintained by the European Commission, providing public access to European initiatives and policies) on a weekly basis from August 2008 to May 2013 (European affairs, European legislation, EC publications, CORDIS, EFSA).
Freelance Translator in Sprachenreich GmbH
von 2007 bis 2013
Translation of touristic texts from German into Italian.
Subtitler in Softitler
von 2004 bis 2006
Subtitling of various materials from English into Italian for the DVD market.
Translator in Euroscript Sarl
von 2001 bis 2002
Translation and revision of EU publications from English, German and French into Italian: European calls for tenders. Proofreading of Italian public procurement notices to be published on the EU Official Journal. Collaboration on a freelance basis from 2002 until 2011.
Office Manager in The Hartford Luxembourg SA
von 1999 bis 2000
Office management, assistance to General manager and Marketing manager.


Degree in Translation

  • 1999

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Dokuments Degree in Translation