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Bouanda Abraham Messina

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Englisch  —
  • Englisch (USA)
  • Englisch (Vereinigtes Königreich)
Französisch Muttersprache
  • Französisch (Frankreich)
  • Französisch (Belgien)
  • Französisch (Kanada)

Informatik ERP Allgemeines IT und Telekommunikation Religion Software Technik und Ingenieurwesen

Persönliche Daten

Kamerun, Yaounde, 08:14
5 Jahre 6 Monate
Über mich
I am a freelance translator with 5 years of experience  in the field and 18 years of experience as a computer engineer. Having participated in long lasting IT projects in various fields and companies, I have acquired the ability of providing exceptional translation services not only in the  Technology, Technical, Engineering and Religion fields, which are my specializations, but also in other fields where I have worked, such as customer service, ...


Institut Africain d'Informatique (IAI) - African Institute of Computer Sciences

  • 2003
  • Kamerun
  • Bachelor
  • Bachelor in computer engineering


Subtitler, Translator, Proofreader, MTPE in U.S TRANSLATION COMPANY
von 2021 bis 2021
Subtitling video on DotSub, MTPE, Proofreading and Translating
Translator, Proofreader, Editor, Transcriber in TOPNET SOLUTIONS (Direct customer)
von 2016 bis 2021
Translating, Proofreading, Editing many working documents related to software, user guides, programming, telecommunications, networks, computers, marketing and web sites (http://www.noventer.com/index.php/fr/), e-commerce. Close to 250,000 words and Transcribing video
Translator, Interpreter and Proofreader in LIVING WORD FELLOWSHIP INTERNATIONAL - Direct customer
von 2016 bis 2021
Translating, interpreting and proofreading many documents and books, interpreting in many conferences and seminars for many years. More than 780,000 words
Translator and Interpreter in ABB (ASEA BROWN BOVERI) Cameroon in collaboration with ABB Turkey
von 2018 bis 2018
Translating documents and Interpreting during some training sessions based on handling inverters and circuit breakers. Close to 11,000 words
Translator, Interpreter and Proofreader in 2. GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT NETWORK ASSOCIATION (GLODNAS) – Direct customer
von 2016 bis 2016
Translating, interpreting and proofreading documents, correspondences, books and interpreting in many seminars and conferences for many years. Close to 125,000 words
Translator and Proofreader in TRADE PARTNER TUNISIA (Direct customer)
von 2016 bis 2016
Translating and Proofreader working documents related to networks and telecommunications. Close to 2,800 words
Translator and Proofreader in PLAN INTERNATIONAL (Direct customer)
von 2004 bis 2005
Working in the Translation Unit, translating and proofreading many working documents and correspondences touching various fields. More than 432,000 words