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Carl Carter

21 Tsd. Wörter

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Deutsch  — Englisch
  • Englisch (Vereinigtes Königreich) Muttersprache

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Persönliche Daten

Deutschland, Moorenweis near Munich, 13:23
Englisch (Vereinigtes Königreich)
27 Jahre 1 Monat
Über mich
I'm a professional translator, proof-reader/editor and blogger and run my own translation agency, Amper Translation Service (2005 to date). 

I am a full member of the BDÜ, the largest professional association for translators and interpreters in Germany.

My customers are universities, think-tanks and other businesses. I also work for other translation agencies from time to time. I particularly enjoy working on texts that are going to be publishe...


University of Hamburg

  • 1994
  • Deutschland
  • Master
  • Applied Linguistics and History (studied in German and English)

University of East Anglia, Norwich

  • 1989
  • Vereinigtes Königreich
  • Bachelor
  • German Language and History (2 majors -> BA (Hons))

BDÜ translators' association

  • 2017
  • Deutschland
  • workshops and webinars on CAT tools and other practical aspects of translation work (CPD)


Proprietor in Amper Translation Service
von 2005 bis Aktuell
ATS is my own translation and copy-editing agency. I have been self-employed ever since Jan. 2005.
Manager in Red Shepherd Translations GmbH
von 1999 bis 2004
I ran the translation agency, managed many of its projects and picked and worked together with suitable translators.



  • 2020

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