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Francisco Ennis

7 826 Wörter

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Spanisch  —
  • Spanisch (Spanien)
  • Spanisch (Mexiko)
  • Spanisch (Argentinien)
  • Portugiesisch (Brasilien) Muttersprache

Kunst und Kultur Allgemeines Marketing, Werbung und PR Politik und Gesellschaft Freizeit Sport Tourismus und Reisen

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Spanisch  —
  • Spanisch (Spanien)
  • Spanisch (Mexiko)
  • Spanisch (Argentinien)
  • Portugiesisch (Brasilien) Muttersprache

Persönliche Daten

Brasilien, São Paulo, 17:26
Portugiesisch (Brasilien)
6 Jahre 2 Monate
Über mich
I am a Spanish to Portuguese translator based in São Paulo, Brazil. I have experience in technical translation, audiovisual translation, digital journalism, marketing-related content and proofreading. I hold a graduate degree in Translation from Spanish and a bachelor’s degree in Social Communication with major in Journalism.

I specialize in:
• Communications
News, corporate communications, advertising and marketing campaigns.

• Cinema & TV
My ...


Universidade Estácio de Sá

  • 2016
  • Brasilien
  • Fachkraft
  • Translation from Spanish

Faculdade Cásper Líbero

  • 2008
  • Brasilien
  • Bachelor
  • Journalism


Translator/Proofreader in Freelancer
von 2015 bis Aktuell
• Translation for dubbing: collaborations for the TV series “Apache: La Vida de Carlos Tevez” (Netflix) and “N00BeeS” (Nickelodeon). • Spanish < > Brazilian Portuguese technical translations. • Translation proofreading. • In-house proofreading at advertising agencies (BETC, Arizona and Havas+).
Content producer in Universidade Estácio de Sá
von 2017 bis 2019
Responsible for the university’s communications department within the Translation, Spanish Teaching and English Teaching graduate courses. My main activities involved producing and revising content for the university’s websites and social networks. I was also responsible for stablishing communication with students and creating press releases.
Proofreader in Rapp Worldwide
von 2016 bis 2017
• Proofreading in Portuguese and Spanish. • Spanish < > Portuguese translations. • Main clients: BMW, Pepsi, Mastercard, Vivo, Itaú, Folha, Locaweb, Pernambucanas and Rede.
Editor in Terra
von 2011 bis 2014
Responsible for producing on-demand video content in Spanish and live broadcasts for all the countries where Terra has presence in Latin America, as well as United States and Spain.
Presentator in PR Newswire
von 2010 bis 2010
Presentation of video news for the company's website, text editing, image selection, preparation of the scripts and final approving before publishing.
Press Officer in Aculco
von 2009 bis 2009
Aculco is an international NGO dedicated to immigrants' development in Spain. My work consisted in writing for the institution's website, promoting press releases for Spain based media and making follow-up, in addition to following the NGO’s social projects and events.
Intern/Writer in Terra
von 2007 bis 2007
News writing, interviews, newsletters and galleries. Main topics: cinema, music and TV.
Intern/Writer in ANSA
von 2006 bis 2007
Translating and adapting to Portuguese news originally written in Spanish, considering Brazilian journalistic standards. Identifying relevant news from the news agency’s global system and writing for the website.


Resume - Francisco Ennis

  • 2020

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