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Jing Yan

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Englisch  —
  • Englisch (USA)
  • Englisch (Vereinigtes Königreich)
Chinesisch (vereinfacht) Muttersprache
  • Chinesisch (vereinfacht, VR China)

Persönliche Daten

China, Zhuhai, 02:16
Chinesisch (vereinfacht)
2 Jahre 6 Monate
Über mich
I am a translation student attaining proficiency in English. I got an overall band 8 on the IELTS test. I have 2-year translating experience, focusing on marketing, news, transcreation. I have served for NetEase, CTIS, YTS Subtitling Team, etc. At the same time, I am an experienced Chinese creative writer. I started to write in 2012. My stories’ total word count is up to 600,000 Chinese characters. I published 200 copies of my short stories colle...


The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen

  • 2022
  • China
  • Translation


English Assistant in Super Financial Limited
von 2021 bis Aktuell
Clients' Passports, Business Licenses, etc.
Freelance Translator in 44th Session of the World Heritage Committee
von 2021 bis Aktuell
Official Marketing Documents, News, Conference Talks
Freelance Translator in YSJ Translation Team
von 2021 bis Aktuell
4th ISODC China OD Summit Conference Videos
Translation Assistant in Muse College of CUHK(SZ)
von 2019 bis 2020
College's Emails, Marketing Articles, Official Documents


Marketing Translation

  • 2021

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Dokuments Marketing Translation

Marketing Translation 2

  • 2021

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Dokuments Marketing Translation 2