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Marivi Coello

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Englisch  —
  • Englisch (USA)
  • Englisch (Vereinigtes Königreich)
  • Englisch (Kanada)
  • Englisch (Australien)
  • Englisch (Neuseeland)
Spanisch Muttersprache

Kunst und Kultur Korrespondenz Kosmetik Wirtschaftswissenschaften Bildungswesen Allgemeines Biowissenschaften


Portugiesisch  —
  • Portugiesisch (Portugal)
  • Portugiesisch (Brasilien)
Spanisch Muttersprache

Kunst und Kultur Korrespondenz Bildungswesen Wirtschaftswissenschaften Allgemeines Biowissenschaften Sprachwissenschaften

Persönliche Daten

Venezuela, Caracas, 20:55
21 Jahre 2 Monate
Über mich
Native Spanish-speaking graduate translator with wide experience in publishing and teaching


Universidad Central (UCV)

  • 2004
  • Venezuela

Universidad Pedagógica Experimental Libertador (UPEL)

  • 2015
  • Venezuela
  • Fachkraft
  • University Teaching


Translator, Writer, Editor and Proofreader in NO company, this is an activity I have developed on my own
von 2000 bis Aktuell
Translate a wide array of texts from English and Portuguese into Spanish. Edit—revise—translations. Produce content for clients' websites and social networks—informative and narrative texts. Proofread in Spanish—I help professionals and enterprises improve their written content before it is published. Edit written contents—I help professionals and enterprises make sure their contents meet their objectives and publishing criteria.
Program Manager in BI WORLDWIDE Latin America
von 2018 bis 2020
Plan, coordinate, carry out and supervise every activity related to the program(s) in charge, including relations and communications with customers and participants: • Design, develop, evaluate and improve sales incentives programs in accordance with customer’s needs and objectives. • Design strategies to maintain participants’ interest in the programs.
Editorial Assistant in Caracas Chronicles
von 2017 bis 2018
Publish content on the blog. Support editorial processes when required. Coordinate copy-edition. Manage office (involves relations with Impact Hub Caracas). Deliver payroll. Support communications with writers when needed.
Content Manager in MBLM
von 2016 bis 2017
Maintain communication and relationship with content providers. Guarantee the adjustment of contents with the audience’s needs and context. Design publications and contents calendar. Guarantee clarity of messages and concepts according to criteria defined by the organization. Publish contents on the website.
Proofreader (Style editor) in Editorial Santillana
von 2009 bis 2015
Guarantee the application of editorial and stylistic criteria in textbooks and other projects. Coordinate the external team of support proofreaders. Create and update style guides, for editors and proofreaders. Establish criteria for the creation of a style manual (long term project). Coordinate editorial discussions and formative activities addressing editors. Offer support in different editing processes when needed.
Newsroom Coordinator in The Daily Journal
von 2006 bis 2008
Coordinate newsroom activities. Translate and edit Nation and World contents. Interview diplomats and entrepreneurs. Supervise the whole paper before sending it to printing. Coordinate and edit pull-outs and special editions.


Diploma in University Teaching

  • 2015

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Dokuments Diploma in University Teaching

Bachelor in Translation

  • 2004

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Dokuments Bachelor in Translation