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Nawapad Chaithongsri

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Thailändisch Muttersprache  — Englisch
  • Englisch (USA)

Essen und Trinken Kunst und Kultur Verträge und Berichte Kosmetik Bildungswesen Mode Belletristik

Persönliche Daten

Thailand, Bangkok, 14:08
4 Jahre 4 Monate
Über mich
I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts. I am passionate in writing, So I started my first career as an columnist at food magazine, Most of the tasks I did was writing, interview and coordinate I worked there for over two years and I would like to have the best perspective on life So I decided to join exchange program in United States, Right Now I’m working as Marketing Executive because besides writing I have a passion in design and mar...


Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University

  • 2013
  • Thailand
  • Bachelor
  • Journalism


Marketing Executive in Asec Frontier (Thailand) Company
von 2021 bis Aktuell
Be in charge of all marketing online (60%) and some offline (40%), Promote company by using SEO/SEM, Create and develop marketing strategies in order to maximize end user, Create marketing campaign every month, Support company seminar in order to get new customer
Digital Marketing in Top English (Thailand) Company
von 2019 bis 2020
Create contents and graphics by adobe photoshop and illustrator, Create landing pages and optimize user experience, Analyze data by Facebook ads manager, Develop, manage and execute digital marketing campaigns on facebook ads and social media, Plan and manage to achieve a KPI
Columnist in Krua Khun Toi Magazine
von 2017 bis 2019
Work on several writing project for magazine, Coordinate with people such as actor and doctor, Interview and transcribe, Support team to manage both of online and offline campaign
Aupair in Cultural Care Au Pair
von 2017 bis 2019
Be in charge of take care of children fourty-five hours per week



  • 2019

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  • 2017

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